J5.8 Pipework insulation

J5.8 Pipework insulation

(a) Piping, vessels, heat exchangers and tanks containing heating or cooling fluid, where the fluid is held at a heated or cooled temperature, that are part of an air-conditioning system, other than in appliances covered by MEPS, must be provided with insulation—

(i) complying with AS/NZS 4859.1; and
(ii) for piping of heating and cooling fluids, having an insulation R-Value in accordance with Table J5.8a; and
(iii) for vessels, heat exchangers or tanks, having an insulation R-Value in accordance with Table J5.8b; and
(iv) for refill or pressure relief piping, having an insulation R-Value equal to the required insulation R-Value of the connected pipe, vessel or tank within 500 mm of the connection.

(b)Insulation must—

(i) be protected against the effects of weather and sunlight; and
(ii) be able to withstand the temperatures within the piping, vessel, heat exchanger or tank.

(c) Insulation provided to piping, vessels, heat exchangers or tanks containing cooling fluid must be protected by a vapour barrier on the outside of the insulation.
(d) The requirements of (a) and (b) do not apply to piping, vessels or heat exchangers—

(i) located within the only or last room served by the system and downstream of the control device for the regulation of heating or cooling service to that room; or
(ii) encased within a concrete slab or panel which is part of a heating or cooling system; or
(iii) supplied as an integral part of a chiller, boiler or unitary air-conditioner complying with the requirements of J5.9, J5.10 and J5.11; or
(iv) inside an air-handling unit, fan-coil unit, or the like.

(e) For the purposes of (a), (b), (c) and (d)—

(i) heating fluids include refrigerant, heated water, steam and condensate; and
(ii) cooling fluids include refrigerant, chilled water, brines and glycol mixtures, but do not include condenser cooling water.

Table J5.8a Piping — Minimum insulation R-Value
Note to Table J5.8a: The minimum required R-Value may be halved for piping penetrating a structural member.
Table J5.8b Vessels, heat exchangers and tanks — Minimum insulation R-Value
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