Is your kitchen exhaust system a fire hazard

I shared the post below a couple of weeks ago. At that time I was thinking who is enforcing this non-compliance? Was there any penalty?

Is it not in the best interest of the property owners or restaurant operators' to mitigate all potential risks of fire? As much as I wish to whinge; there is nothing much I can do except to highlight and bring it to the forefront of discussions.

Lo and behold, a fire broke out in Melbourne CBD today.

I guess, there is no bigger penalty than a fire breaking out and insurance is not paying!

I was ask to provide a second opinion on a project that yet again specified with internal linings c/w melinex; silencers for kitchen exhaust. I merely showed him this video and asked a single question “Will the melinex protect the insulation from the kitchen exhaust system cleaning process?”

I wondered how many kitchen exhaust systems were installed with internal linings and silencers? It really amaze me … internal linings and silencers are really fire risks in kitchen exhaust systems. You bet there will be more such installs … why do HVAC engineers allow acoustic engineers to put in duct linings into kitchen exhaust ducts? I guess “we just do not know what we do not know!”

kitchen exhaust duct cleaning

One way to protect kitchen exhaust ducts is to seal the ducts internally such as with RZ-Ecoseal. It makes the cleaning process safer and more efficient.

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